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International Standards Organizations

The following international organizations are responsible for developing and issuing standards.

Auditor Certification Programs

Individuals who want to become certified RABQSA, IRCA, SEI, or AIAG Lead Auditors or Auditors should contact these organizations for applications and more information. Brand Consulting Group's RABQSA and IPC accredited Lead Auditor Training Courses offered through Pillar Management Associates fulfill only one of the requirements of certification.

Certification requirements include: (a) taking and passing a RABQSA/IRCA accredited Lead Auditor Course, (b) logging a requisite number of audits, and (c) submitting these credentials along with quality-related work experience and education to the RABQSA and/or IRCA.

Quality-related Publications

The following publications provide readers with valuable information on quality-related topics.

  • Journal of cGMP Compliance
    This journal is published by the Institute of Validation Technology and is structured to provide information to industries operating under US Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

  • Quality Progress Magazine
    The ASQ monthly magazine.

All of our consultants are certified auditors.    

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