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Process Mapping Course and Workshop

This three day workshop is intended to teach participants the benefits of viewing work in terms of a process. The process approach to decision-making, monitoring and measuring effectiveness and control are stressed. The course is taught in a workshop format with students working in teams to develop final versions of their process flow charts for processes which they own. Peer review and instructor comments and suggestions follow the presentations and generally result in perfecting the final product.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a Process?
  • What is Process Mapping?
  • Developing a Process Key Matrix
  • Flowcharting your own process
  • Defining Measurements and methods of Monitoring the process
  • Upstream Indicators and Outcome Indicators
  • Change Management, Process Management and Process Control
  • ISO 9001 and Process Mapping

Who Should Attend?
Process Owners and those employees who work within the process.

Duration: 2-4 Days (depending on quantity of students)

Price: $20,000 (for up to 20 people)plus course manuals

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Microsoft Visio.

All of our consultants are certified auditors.    

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