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Brand Consulting Group, Inc. and Private Equity

Brand Consulting Group was founded in 1995 and has provided management consulting services specifically related to quality assurance, information assurance and security, environmental management, and social accountability systems.

Brand Consulting Group, Inc. is a global leader in risk management and value enhancement. The firm has been providing assessment consulting, and training services for international management system standards to leading companies and institutions for over 20 years around the world. The firm’s expertise includes quality, environmental management, social accountability, information management and security, occupational health and safety, and food safety. Brand provides private equity firms with valuable pre-acquisition information and post-acquisition implementation services for value enhancement. The firm’s clients include a range of corporations from Fortune 500 companies such as GM and IBM to leading middle market businesses; the US government; US military, national and international agencies. Brand Consulting Group is active today on six continents and in more than 20 countries.

Our mission is to provide our clients with:
  • Effective Operational Due Diligence Services
  • Post-Acquisition Value Enhancement services
  • Risk Mitigation Services

    To learn more about our Private Equity services and obtain a free presentation, please contact Leigh Brand at LBRAND@BCGISO.COM

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  • All of our consultants are certified auditors.    

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