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ISO/TS 16949

The result of the International Automotive Task Force's (IATF) effort is the ISO/TS 16949 specification. ISO/TS 16949 forms the requirements or the application of ISO 9001 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations.

ISO/TS 16949 used the ISO 9001 Standard as the basis for their development and included the requirements from these Standards with specific additional requirements for the automotive supply chain. The 2009 revision of TS builds off the ISO 9001 document. Brand Consulting Group provides the following services to assist organizations in their pursuit of registration.

Services Include:

Which Organizations Should Be Involved?
Those that meet any one of the following criteria: (1) the organization supplies to a TS 16949 subscribing customer (e.g. you supply to Ford), (2) the organization is in the automotive supply chain (any tier), (3) the organization is a potential supplier to a customer described in either #1 or #2 above and has a documented RFQ or is documented on a bid list.

All pricing is stated in US dollars and is only for services provided in North America. International Pricing is available upon request. Course prices are stated per course and do not include course manuals with the exception of Lead Auditor Training which is per person and does include course manuals.

All of our consultants are certified auditors.    

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