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ISO 22005-2007 Traceability in the food and feed chain

ISO 22005:2007 gives the principles and specifies the basic requirements for the design and implementation of a feed and food traceability system. It can be applied by an organization operating at any step in the feed and food chain. It is intended to be flexible enough to allow feed organizations and food organizations to achieve identified objectives. The traceability system is a technical tool to assist an organization to conform with its defined objectives, and is applicable when necessary to determine the history or location of a product or its relevant components. Brand Consulting Group provides the following services to assist organizations achieve compliance with this Standard:

Which Organizations Should Consider ISO 22005?Any organization making any kind of product used in the feed and food industry should give serious consideration to an ISO 22005 traceability system. All pricing is stated in US dollars and is only for services provided in North America. International Pricing is available upon request. Travel expenses are billed separately and are not included in the pricing. Training course pricing does not include course manuals which are billed separately for all courses, except Lead Auditor Training.
All of our consultants are certified auditors.    

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